This project involved developing a logotype for Intern@, masterclass in creating projects for the social adaptation of orphanage graduates. The client needed a high visual quality symbol (to be viewed by about 500 people) with modern shape. My idea was to mix the @ symbol and the eye, as a key of viewing (the future).

In 7 days I came with 3 proposals. After the client chose one of them, it took me 3 days to refine the logotype.


Students reported back and said that it was really useful for them to think of and choose to carry out the realisation of two projects: “Online timetable and access to lesson materials” and “Vacancies”. At the end of the first day students presented some of their project ideas to conference participants.

Late on Sunday evening, already very tired but pleased with the work they had carried out, students presented their working apps. They spoke with real specialists from the Hothouse of social technology and with masterclass participants about the advantages and possibilities of their decisions.


Client —Teplitsa

Credits — freelance, 2016

Art director — Alexei Sidorenko