I am Tatiana Boyer, graphic designer specializing in logotype, brand identity and typography. Since starting my independent graphic designer business in 2008, I`ve worked with different clients worldwide to grow their projects using meaningful, instinctive and performing design.

In case you run a startup, a multinational corporation, if you`d like to talk a strategic approach to the design, redesign, or refinement of your visual branding, I`d love to hear from you. I speak English, French and Russian.



Of Tatiana Boyer, it has been said she births her works with perfect visual style. Some have equated her designs to haiku. Others are struck dumbfounded by the simple, clean lines permeating her body of work.

“I am always starting with research,” she states.

It’s a crisp afternoon as I interview Tatiana Boyer. Over coffee, I go over questions when I’m struck by the Hackathon 24/24 logo. It keeps swirling back and forth when I think of her portfolio. Along with another logotype — Citation. And then up pops the sleek pic of Unlock. Now I’m dumbfounded.

In her own words, Tatiana states she has expanded her “vision of the world.” Her professional background is empathic. “I like to work on education, technology, civic, public arts & culture, publishing logotypes. Non-profits — for children,


for libraries. I can see myself producing alongside the current greats like of Pentagram, Hudson, Grapheine.”

Luckily, Tatiana continues.

“I look how themes have been presented in the past, which ones were instrumental. I eliminate the old and obvious. I start on hand-drawn sketches. When I have 3 or more solid ideas, I put them in vectors. After receiving feedback and one of my propositions are chosen, I work hard until the client is satisfied.”

When asked how long such a tedious process could take, from initial conception to submitting the final file, Tatiana states matter-of-factly with a hint of glee: “Two weeks.”

Humbly raised by a single mother engineer in St. Petersburg, Russia, Tatiana learned to adapt and

channel her strengths into shaping design zeitgeists since she began as a prodigious graphic designer at the age of 14. As evidenced by Tatiana’s high school diploma, her knowledge of art and graphic design have evolved to fit the everchanging expanse of the internet. Focused on design and continuing her education at the Institute of Decorative Arts (IDPI - St. Petersburg, Russia), Tatiana collaborated with several notable advertising agencies upon graduation before receiving another degree from the European School of Visual Arts (EESI - Poitiers, France).

She certainly could.

Recently, Tatiana moved from Thailand to reside in both France and Russia. She is available to take new clientele at this time.



Words — Matt Siegel